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About us

Do you know Be-U Cosmetics’ concept? It’s simple. We think that beauty is YOU, and we want to celebrate your uniqueness and the uniqueness of your skin. For ages, the skincare industry has offered us ready-made skin products that are manufactured by the thousands.


How do you navigate this when each offer seems similar but different at the same time? Which product will truly be suitable for your unique skin? Be-U Cosmetics was founded as an answer to these questions.


In fact, Be-U Cosmetics does not offer you a panoply of ready-made products, but allows you to create, with us, the ideal product for your unique skin.


Thanks to our experts and people who understand you, we have developed an online skin questionnaire called “My Diagnosis”. This skin diagnosis consists of ten questions and takes just a few minutes to complete.


We will then suggest your own personalized skin ritual.

Because we believe that you should be at the heart of your own beauty and that skincare products should adapt to your skin-- not the other way around!

Our values


The foundation of Be-u Cosmetics is the inclusion of difference in all its forms. For us, every woman should feel beautiful and good as she is, regardless of her differences. This is why it is important to work with our customers in order to better understand them and to offer them products with which they feel comfortable.


Honesty with our customers is one of our core values ​​at Be-u. Whether by explaining the ingredients we use in our products or by adopting packaging without double bottoms so you know always the real quantity contained in your products , it is our duty to be transparent with you.


Education is one of the pillars of a better world. It is by being educated about the products we use on our skin that we can make the best choices. Our mission is to inform you about each ingredient and benefit contained in your personalized skin ritual.


We want to operate our business with the greatest possible respect, as much for our fellow human beings as for animals as well as for the environment. Our products are vegan , cruelty-free, made primarily from natural ingredients, paraben-free, petroleum-free and silicone-free. We also try to use as little over-packaging as possible and reduce our ecological footprint.

Feuille d'érable signifiant la production des produits au Canada

Quebec product

Sans parabènes, ni sulfates

Paraben and sulfate free

Feuille représentant les produits naturel

Natural ingredients

Sans cruauté animale

Vegan & cruelty-free

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