Summer Cocktails

Piña Colada • Strawberry Daiquiri • Mojito • Mimosa

Piña Colada

pineapple🍍 • coconut🥥

If you like the tropical sun: this sweet and fruity scent of pineapple and coconut is the one for you!

Strawberry Daiquiri

strawberry🍓 • lime🍋

Nothing better than a sweet and tangy smell of freshly squeezed strawberries and limes to spend a great summer!


mint🌱 • lemon🍋 • sugar

Refresh yourself with this delicious combination of mint, lemon and sugar that will make your head spin: cheers!!


tangerine🍊 • champagne🍾

Want a sparkling and refreshing scent? Let yourself be tempted by this delicate fragrance of tangerine and champagne!