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campfire body lotion
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femme qui s'applique de la lotion hydratante corporelle

Campfire Moisturizing Body Lotion

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This cleansing gel is not just an ordinary shower gel. One of its particularities is that it has a pH of 4.7, which is equivalent to the normal pH of the skin which is on average 5.5. It is gentle enough to be used both on the face and as a body wash.

Why is this important?

Your skin is covered with a thin hydrolipidic layer that protects it against environmental aggressions, including bacteria, pollution, cold and heat. Normal soaps, with a high alkaline pH, deteriorate this natural protection by drying it out. Our cleansing gel respects your pH and helps maintain your natural protective barrier.

It is also very foamy even though it does not contain parabens or sulphates. This facial cleansing gel comes in four different colors depending on the fragrance you choose. This color is created by agar agar beads infused with jojoba oil.


Its key ingredients?

  • COCONUT OIL: This ingredient provides good nourishment and hydration to the skin. Thanks to its antioxidant power, coconut oil protects the skin against external aggressions, in particular extreme cold and pollution. Absorbed by the skin quickly, coconut oil effectively treats redness and dryness.
  • HYDROLYZED WHEAT PROTEIN: Rich in amino acids, hydrolyzed wheat protein nourishes the skin to firm it and give it a more youthful appearance.


Size: 250ml

Resale price: $24.95

After getting out of the shower or bath, apply the lotion to the skin for optimal absorption. Reapply as needed.

Normal, oily and/or dehydrated

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Sans parabènes, ni sulfates

Sans parabène

ni sulfate

Sans cruauté animale

Vegan &

Sans cruauté

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