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Opalite Stone Gua Sha

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Say hello to this NEW PRODUCT to add to your beauty routine.

  • Helps sculpt and define the face
  • Sculpting effect
  • Firms and circulates blood



The Gua Sha is a tool used since traditional China. The word "Gua" means "to squeeze" while the word "Sha" means redness / irritation. It was previously used to relieve pain, disease and promote blood circulation.


This tool is used to smooth the face, remove toxins and sculpt it. Its particular shape allows you to massage certain parts of the face, such as the browbone, jaw and nose. >>> Consult our sheet describing the movements to be done on each part of the face in order to know how to use it.

Opal stone is recognized for:

- its benefits on the skin, kidneys, eyes.

- helping on the emotional level, on love and desire.


Its heart shape provides a sculpting and lifting effect on the neck, jaw and eyes.

Here are 3 movements that can be performed on the face:

  1. Place the hollow of the heart of the Gua Sha at the beginning of your brow bone and make a movement from the inside to the outside over your entire arch. Repeat the movement.
  2. Place one of the points of the heart of the Gua Sha under your eye and massage the gua sha from the inside to the outside.
  3. Place the hollow of the heart of the gua sha at the beginning of your neck and massage from the bottom up to the chin


Opal stone: Mineral composed of hydrated silica with the formula SiO2 · n H2O, with traces of uranium, magnesium, calcium, aluminum, iron, arsenic, sodium and potassium.

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