Sun, spots & skin aging: everything you need to know!


Dark spots, what are they?

Dark spots can appear in different forms all over your body and they can appear in various shades of brown. Usually, these are small spots that appears on your skin after an intensive exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays also known as “UV”. Dark spots are a sign of your skin aging. These are also called age spots, sunspots and solar lentigines.


How can I prevent the appearance of dark spots?

Dark spots tends to age your complexion, therefore it is important to know a few prevention methods in order to preserve the youth of your skin.

• Regularly apply sunscreen with a high UV protection, focusing on the areas that are mostly exposed to the sun: face, back, neck and hands.

• If possible, wear a hat, long-sleeved shirts and long pants which will protect your skin from being exposed to the sun. In other words, wear sun protective clothing.

• Limit your exposure to the sun as much as possible and stay in the shade.

• Avoid being in the sun from 11am to 4pm. This is when the sun’s rays are the most intense.

• Apply moisturizer on your skin daily.


The importance of sun protection in winter

In contrary to popular belief, winter is no exception when it comes to UV rays! Indeed, snow reflects up to 80% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. So, the higher the altitude, the greater the exposure. Your skin is more fragile in winter and has less resistance to UV rays. Make sure to protect your skin at all times to prevent the appearance of dark spots.



How do I treat dark spots?

To treat dark spots, it is ideal to prioritize the use of local, natural and hydrating products. Select a moisturizer that is made of antioxidant vitamin ingredients.

It is also very important to wash you face morning and night with a gentle product and don’t forget to use a quality sunscreen every day to treat and prevent dark spots.


Key ingredients to remove dark spots

The ingredients in your skincare products plays an important factor in the health and condition of your skin to treat problems such as dark spots.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a vital component to your skin’s health. This naturally existing ingredient part of your skin with antioxidant properties, protects your skin from aging. It is an essential ingredient for firm, youthful skin.

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Kakadu plum

Known as the richest fruit in terms of vitamin C, it produces natural and powerful antioxidants which aims to protect the skin against all signs of aging. Therefore, with a daily use of Kakadu plum in your cosmetics, your skin will naturally become radiant thanks to this fruit implied of vitamins.

Aloe Vera

This popular plant adored all over the world due to the recognition of its repairing, protective and healing factors, the gel taken from its leaves is essential to treat skin irritations and sunburns.

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