The benefits of using gemstone rollers for your skin

We see more and more people include the face massage rollers commonly known as the jade roller in their skincare routine. Contrary to what one might think, the jade roller is not a new tool to take care of their skin. It has been used for several thousand years, more specifically since the 7th century in traditional Chinese medicine.

Gemstones are often recognized for their healing and peacemaking powers. But what are their benefits on our skin exactly?


Property and benefits of a few precious stones


Rose Quartz is beneficial for the skin because of its softness. This stone is also known to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. If you believe in the properties of stones and crystals, it’s known that the energy associated with this stone promotes proper functioning of the respiratory system, strengthens the heart and helps reduce stress. It also has a soothing and relaxing effect.




The rose quartz roller:

• Eliminates negativity

• Helps for spiritual purity

• Helps reduce headaches

• Soothes stress

• Regenerates the skin



Jade stone is recognized to be effective for skin problems. Naturally cold, this stone activates blood circulation and also promotes the reduction of wrinkles on the long term. Speaking of short term, this will help fight against skin scarring while improving the elasticity of the skin. The energy linked to the Jade stone helps to find inner peace causing the mind to be freed which leaves room for stillness.



The Jade roller:

• Reduces emotional instability

• Relaxes muscles

• Calms the mind

• Helps reduce scarring and the appearance of dark circles

• Strengthens the immune system and promotes blood circulation



The vibrations of the Obsidian stone are known to improve healing of your skin.

This stone also helps to relax the mind and to free oneself from demeaning and negative thoughts.

Thus, this stone is said to be so high in energy that it even helps overcome trauma by offering support.




The obsidian roller:

• Helps with skin scarring

• Soothes anxiety and stress

• Protects against negative energies

• Helps overcome trauma

• Harmonizes thoughts


What is a gemstone roller for?

The roller of quartz, jade, obsidian or any other precious stone is used due to its benefits on the skin of the face and neck. Each of these stones have different properties and benefits, but the utility of the roller remains the same.

It does not matter which gemstone the roller is made of they all contribute to improving the elasticity of the skin and mainly brings spiritual benefits.

Thus, the roller has a strong therapeutic effect, it helps to rest the mind and reduce stress. It also boosts the effectiveness of your beauty products and relaxes your face thanks to the action of massaging the face of this accessory. It allows the active ingredients of the skincare product to penetrate more deeply into your skin.


How to use the gemstone roller?

No matter which gemstone you choose for your roller, the usage remains the same. It only takes a few passages on the face to enjoy its benefits. Here are the instructions we suggest you:


1- Start with clean skin. We recommend that you apply a serum or a cream before starting your massage.

2- Then follow the arrows, moving from the bottom to the top, from the inside to the outside. (Look at image for reference)

3- Use the larger stone for the entire face and neck, and the small stone for the delicate areas such as the underside of the eyes.

4- Repeat each movement 4 to 5 times on each part of your face.


We recommend that you leave your face roller in the fridge for an extra feeling of freshness and to deflate that tired face in the morning.



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