Why prioritize VEGAN skin care?

In general, being vegan means following a diet without meat or animal by-products such as milk or cheese. Having said that, does vegan skincare have the same meaning? How do you recognize a vegan product?


What are vegan cosmetics?

A vegan product is a product formulated without any ingredient derived from animals. Vegan skin care is suitable for ALL SKIN TYPES.

Therefore, choosing to use vegan skincare doesn’t require you to label yourself as a vegan or change your lifestyle altogether.


Is a vegan product like an organic product?


No. Unlike a vegan cosmetic, an organic cosmetic is made up of products from organic farming. With that being said, it does mean that it may contain honey for example, which comes from bees. A vegan cosmetic is a product that does not contain any ingredients of animal origin.


Does a vegan product and a cruelty-free product mean the same thing?


A product labeled “not tested on animals” or “cruelty-free” does not mean a vegan or natural product. A cruelty-free product is simply a product not tested on animals, which means it has never been applied to the skin of an animal to confirm that it is safe to use for humans. A cruelty-free product will use alternative methods to ensure this. Skin care labeled only as “cruelty-free” doesn’t ensure they couldn’t have been sourced from animals.

In brief, generally, a vegan product is also a cruelty-free product. However, a cruelty-free product does not guarantee a vegan product.


Why choose a vegan product?

Your skin absorbs up to 60% of everything you put on your skin. It is therefore very important to know the ingredients of the products you use on your skin, in order to have beautiful, healthy skin.


Despite the rise in the trend of vegan products, many cosmetic products still contain synthetic and artificial ingredients. In many cases, these products tend to cause skin problems.


Did you know that animal ingredients are not necessary for effective skin care? Vegan skin care means that no animal has been killed or exploited in the production of its products which is already a fabulous benefit. Plus, there are plenty of alternatives, such as herbal derivatives that are as good and even better than animal ingredients to obtain radiant skin!


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