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Over the years, we have heard more about the importance of having daily exfoliation, both for our face and for our body. Do we really know why it matters? In order to clarify the subject, we decided to explain it to you in this article.

To understand the importance of exfoliation, it is important to know that the first layer of our skin called the epidermis is used, among other things, as a protective barrier. In addition, the role of the epidermis is to renew the skin cells approximately every 26 days. By getting rid of older cells called dead cells, or dead skin, it make sure to protect the skin effectively.

This is where the exfoliant takes importance. Its role is primarily to dislodge your skin pores, removing any dead cells that clog the pores. In this way, your skin will regain its usual glow.

It is suggested to exfoliate once or twice a week. The frequency depends on the sensitivity of your skin as well as the environment to which it is exposed.

Discover the Be-U body exfoliant made with sugar and coconut oil that will make your skin soft like a baby, right here.


Sur un fond blanc, au centre de l’image on peut voir une boite carrée vert foncé ouverte remplie de confettis placés de façon désordonnés à l’intérieur et une partie à l’extérieur de la boite. Au centre de cette boite, au-dessus des confettis on peut voir deux sachets dorés d’exfoliants pour le corps placé à plat en diagonale. Sur le devant de ces sachets, on peut également voir une étiquette vert foncé illustrée par le logo de Be-U Cosmétiques en rose pâle ainsi que des symboles et écritures.



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