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The aging of the skin affects all of us. It is however possible to protect our skin from aging in order to slow down this process. First, the aging of the skin has an effect on the first two layers of the skin; it contributes to thinning and impedes the efficiency of the epidermis (1st layer) and the dermis (2nd layer).


Which has certain consequences:

– Drying of the skin: This thinning of the skin layers contributes to the decrease in the production of fatty liquids including sebum which hydrates and protects the skin.

– Loss of elasticity of the skin: The modification of the dermis causes a loss in the tone of the skin. A loss of elasticity is more prone to the formation of irregularity or even hollows on the surface of the skin.

– The sensitivity of the skin: Since the layers that previously protected the skin are reduced, the latter becomes more sensitive to its environment, such as the heat of the sun for example. It is therefore very important to take care of your skin while protecting it and to know your skin type in order to treat it adequately.

Consult the Be-U Cosmetics skin diagnosis to find the right product for your skin that will allow you to start protecting it adequately.

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